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The Swiss Confederation - The Law regarding the transfer of cultural goods, 2006/06/01

The Federal Office for Culture of the Swiss Confederation makes a first positive assessment of the Law regarding the transfer of cultural goods (LTBC), enforced on June 1, 2005. For Switzerland , this Law is a weapon against illicit transfer but equally a tool that fosters legal transfer of cultural goods. LTBC contributes to protecting the cultural inheritance of Switzerland and that of other States. It strengthens provisions governing import and export, introduces a particular obligation of diligence to which art trade and auctioneers are compelled. In order to promote international exchanges of cultural goods among museums, the specialized service delivers restitution guarantees for objects loaned by museums.

While during the introductory stage of this Law the emphasis was set on information and growing awareness as well as on control of imports and exports by customs officers, the control obligation of diligence for art trade and auctioneers will immediately become one of the priority objectives. The new legislation governing the transfer of cultural goods, which, in matters of art trade and exchanges of cultural good, adapts the Swiss law to minimum international standards, gives to Switzerland an appropriate instrument to fight the illicit transfer of cultural goods. Its provisions also create greater transparency and ensure a better law security.

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