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OECD - The Future Digital Economy: Digital Content Creation, Distribution and Access – Rome, 30-31 January 2006

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) reports that digital content is increasingly important across all media and publishing industries and is becoming pervasive in sectors not previously considered to be content producers or users (for example, business services) and in the public sector (public sector information such as weather information, public sector content such as archives, and cultural content), education and health. Rapid changes in the value chains for content development, production, delivery and use and the creation of new commercial business models to exploit these opportunities are posing new policy challenges for governments to provide the market and business environment that supports development of new digital content goods and services, promotes competition and benefits users.

To examine these and related questions, the OECD and the Italian Minister for Innovation and Technologies will hold a conference in Rome on 30-31 January 2006. “The Future Digital Economy: Digital Content Creation, Distribution and Access” aims to analyse and improve understanding of the implications of the development and changing distribution of digital content. Participants will review the impact of digital content on business models and how it can increase access to knowledge through initiatives such as digital libraries, as well as identify ways of building a positive market and policy environment for broadband content and the Internet.

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