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Belgium - Recasting of the cultural Policy of the French Community - November 7, 2005

The French Community in Belgium has brought reforms to its cultural policy. The new priorities with regards to culture have been defined in cooperation with the representatives of their world of culture. This policy, a by-product of the General States on Culture held in November 2005, fosters a larger coherence in matters of culture, facing changes arising from globalization and from the internal evolution of that sector.

It determines five lines of intervention, the first one bearing on the administration reform in order to promote a global and coherent approach on culture. The second line of action has to do with the support to creation and creators. A single entrance gate will be set up to simplify the administrative proceedings for creators and to allow fiscal arrangements. A fully fledged orientation has to do with making the most of the Community’s cultural productions through partnerships with the Arte and RTBF television networks and using new supports (Internet, DVD, for instance) in order to facilitate those productions broadcasting. The fourth line includes all the initiatives aimed at fostering public participation whose rights will be codified into a ruling chart for cultural operators. Finally, the fifth line revises the financing mechanisms for cultural activities in order to generate 100 million euros in supplementary resources for culture thanks to a better management of the real estate patrimony and to fiscal advantages encouraging private investments.

Furthermore, a new management stands at the heart of the reform, revising investments ways, supporting the integration of international and community cultural policies and justifying the creation of a new body: the General Council for Cultural Policies. In short, this new policy aims at promoting the cultural diversity and assuring everyone’s access to culture, as well as conferring a greater value to culture. Besides, it banks on accessibility and participation for all and advocates notably, under the financing line, the concentration of means and the creation of a body for the development of cultural undertakings .

The multi-annual cultural policy of the French Community in Belgium was propounded by Mrs. Fadila Laanan, Minister of Culture, Audiovisual and Youth, on November 7, 2005.


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