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Canada - Financing of the arts in Canada - Claire McCaughey, Canada Council for the Arts, October 2005

This report aims at bringing some indications on the present Canadian situation, in comparison to other countries, regarding financing of the arts, at the national level particularly. To that effect, the study compares financing of the arts in Canada with that in different other countries, taking into account global financing for culture in each country – all levels considered – as well as sectorial financing for the arts. Besides, the report argues explicitly for improved financing of the arts in Canada in order to secure for arts societies and Canadian artists a blooming and a functioning comparable to their counterparts in other countries.

The results presented in this preliminary report are incomplete and must be adjusted taking into account limits adapted to the comparison of figures coming from diversified countries. However, this study allows obtaining indicators of the present Canadian situation on the subject of financing of the arts.

Source: ENAP, LEPPM/OAP, Capsules Monde no 4

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