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Mali – Financing of Culture: Introduction of a Promotional Program for Artistic and Cultural Activities (PSIC) – September 10, 2005

The Minister of Culture of Mali announced the launching of the second stage of the Programme d'appui et de valorisation des initiatives artistiques et culturelles (PSIC). The PSIC constitutes a part of cultural cooperation of the European Union with countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP), established in order to support cultural activities and strengthen capacities in different parts of this sector. All cultural representatives, artists, local communities, associations, are eligible to the financing granted within this program.

The PSIC aspires to use the country’s cultural resources as a real social and economic development lever, while resting on the promotion of the richness and the cultural and artistic diversity of Mali. This new project comes within the new action Plan of the Ministry of Culture for the 2005-2007 period. The European Union has granted 4.9 million euros to the first phase of the program while the second phase is granted an annual budget of 274 408 euros. Thus over a period of four years the PSIC will support different projects, such as the construction of regional museums, the financing of institutions such as the Palace of Culture, the Arts Conservatory, the National Arts Institute and the National Museum. It will also support the achievement of three Malian full-length movies.

In Burkina Faso, the PSIC has just completed its second phase. Conducted from a unit set up at the Ministry of Culture, the PSIC has contributed to projects in the living and plastic arts sectors.

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