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Cultural policies and measures - Best practices

Québec – The Globalization Effect on Cultural and Creative Industries - Rapport 2, Laboratoire d'étude sur les politiques publiques et la mondialisation (LEPPM), ÉNAP, décembre 2005, 2005/12

In this report published by ENAP, the anthropologist Anne-Marie Robert studies the interactions between culture and the globalization phenomenon, and specifically the contribution of public policies to the dynamism of the Québec culture. She claims that culture, from the viewpoint of its economic importance as well as its role in the Québec identity assertion on its territory and abroad, represents a sector which raises the attention of the Québec Government and its partners. One of the results of this interest constitutes notably the efforts made by Québec in favour of the adoption of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions at the 33rd session of the UNESCO General Conference last October 20, 2005

To explain the importance of that sector, she points out that Québec as well as Canada offer subsidies and fiscal provisions which allow supporting the drive of cultural enterprises on their territory. On account of the development of new technologies, which stir up the worldwide propagation of culture, Governments have adapted so as to offer financial support programs and legal instruments (the modification of the Law on copyrights by the Parliament of Canada for instance) liable to enabling Canadian creators to face international competition, notably in the audiovisual sector. Besides, the Governments of Québec and of Canada work at informing international decision makers not to consider cultural industries as ordinary producers of goods and services submitted to the rules of the World Trade Organization.

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