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Democratic Republic of Congo: the national policy of the book as a promotion tool of cultural diversity , 2006/05/11

Within the framework of the International Day of the Book and Copyright, celebrated last April, a seminar on the national policy of the book and reading was held from May 8 to 11 in Kinshasa (Democratic republic of Congo-RDC), This event was considered "a major support to the growth of culture".

Inaugurating this meeting, the Congolese Minister of Culture and Arts, Mr. Philémon Mukendi, regretted the fact that the culture of reading in RDC is not be accessible to all, in spite of the important role played by the book towards socialization of citizens, by giving them equal opportunities to achieve cultural, economic and political emancipation

The Director General of the National Library of Congo (Bnc), Mr. Georges Mulumba, asserted on his part that the book is at the center of a large chain of activities and professions directly or indirectly generating revenues, making up a leading industrial component which must contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the whole of the countries and of their populations.

According to the Representative of France, the book production and reading promotion contribute to dissemination and perpetuation through time and space of different identities in the world. However, he emphasized the threat that hovers on the book and copyright, estimating that the book's future is a matter that calls upon every component of society. In his view, the arrival of new information and communication technologies (Ntic) must not overshadow diffusion of the book. Book dissemination is therefore a cardinal point within the promotion of cultural diversity. To that purpose, he calls upon RDC to create an incentive framework for book promotion.

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