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Argentina - Creation of the Observatory of Culture Industries

The Observatory of Culture Industries (OIC) is a new initiative of the Undersecretary of Management and Cultural Industries of the City of Buenos Aires. It materialized through the creation of a research unit dedicated to collect, process and elaborate information on culture industries. Its main purpose is to contribute to the visibility of cultural production, by means of improving the information systems related to culture. Thus the OIC constitutes a unique point of contact for the private sector, public organisms, authors, creators and researchers devoted to culture administration.

Its basic tasks include: Collecting, analysing and disseminating information on the performance of culture industries and their impact on the economy, the culture and the local and national development process; Promoting research on central subjects of production and circulation of cultural goods and services; Encouraging contacts among agents involved in culture industries to debate and propose common initiatives that serve the integral improvement of these sectors; Contributing to the design of cultural indicators that measure the impact of public policies on culture industries and social development.

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