Cultural diversity

Cultural policies and measures - Best practices

Numerical revolution and culture industries , 2005/04/28

This volume from the collection Repères of La Découverte publishings presents the technical, industrial and commercial trends « of the new digital scene » under way, constantly evolving (changes in formats, supports or dissemination) by placing it within the present environment of technique, industry and commerce. This digital scene does not have to do with the field of the media alone but stands further as an enormous growth potential for such fields as data processing, electronics and telecommunications. Besides, it also offers keys to ongoing dynamics and strategies, from production to distribution, through the challenges linked to the regulation of digital communication and notably, the subjects raised by internationalization of regulations - facing the limits of national sectoral regulations; through the growing interdependency of the different fields; through intellectual and artistic property rights; and through competitiveness rights in such a context.

Philippe Chantepie, Head of the Department of Studies, Prospective and Statistics at the Ministry of Culture and Communication ( France ) is a lecturer in digital economy at Paris -I. Alain Le Diberder, former Program Director of Canal +, is the CEO of CLVE, a new media software development enterprise.

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