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Canada - Culture trade - goods: data tables, 1996-2004, 2005/10/17

This statistical activity is published by Statistics Canada to provide information and analysis of the value of imports and exports of Canada's merchandise trade data in the culture sector. Thus, the report presents many tables which provide data on trade in culture goods, along with cross-tabulations for trade between Canada and selected countries.

This derived survey is funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage. The survey produces estimates on the overall trade of culture goods in Canada by commodity groupings and trade partners. The unit of analysis is the commodity as described in the “Canadian Framework for Culture Statistics” . Culture goods include original and mass produced goods which contain culture content, as defined by this framework. Culture goods include creative goods that warrant intellectual property rights and goods, which support creation, production or transmission of other creative goods. More specifically, culture goods include books, magazines, newspapers, postcards, calendars, films, videos, digital videodiscs (DVDs), sheet music, compact discs (CDs), cassettes, vinyl long-playing phonograph records (LPs), paintings (original and reproductions), photographs, sculptures, ornaments and figurines, architectural plans, designs and drawings, advertising materials, museum exhibits, coin and stamp collections, and antiques. Unrecorded media, such as blank CDs, are not included.

These survey estimates are used by various federal departments and agencies. In addition, the data are also useful to international agencies.

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