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UNESCO/NORAD - Capacity Building for Cultural Enterprises in Developing Countries, 2005/12

The UNESCO/NORAD Artists in Development Creativity Workshop Programme (AiD) focuses on strengthening existing cultural enterprises in developing countries, providing several initiatives with support over a 3 year period to allow them to attain self-sustainability. The programme is rendered possible thanks to a funds in trust agreement with the Norwegian Development Cooperation (NORAD) and following the successful implementation during the year 1999 to 2003 of Phase I of that project that concentrated on creative artists.

The key operating principle is to create working-teams between an international organization and the local counterpart in order to anchor these projects locally while facilitating the sharing of know how and experiences among all participants. Consequently to an international tender for candidacies, 8 new projects were selected out of the fifteen project proposals studied covering the fields of arts and crafts, design, photo-journalism, cinema and music. These initiatives will run over a 2 to 3 year period and the project as a whole is expected to end in September 2007. Then, eight projects are being implemented:

    • "Santa Fe International Folk Art Market: Training and Building Markets with International Folk Artists" (USA);
    • "Building the Capacity of Kala Raksha Trust to Provide Design and Market Access to Artisans" (India);
    • "Ensuring the sustainability of the DEFACTO network by strengthening their sales outlets and members" (Latin America);
    • "Strengthening of the Development Arm of Craft Link" (Vietnam);
    • "Phumani Paper: Making Cultural Enterprises work for Arts and Creativity" (South Africa);
    • "World Press Photo and Flame Tree Trust: Establishing of a self-sustainable photo agency in Dar-es-Salaam" (Tanzania);
    • "Babilla Cines: Strengthening a network of independent cinemas" (Colombia)
    • and "Sustaining the Festival in the Desert" (Mali).
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