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France - Group of strategic analysis of cultural industries (GASIC), 2006/01/30

The French Minister of Culture and Communication, Mr. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, has inaugurated, on January 30, 2006, the setting of the Group of strategic analysis of cultural industries (Groupe d’analyse stratégique des industries culturelles - GASIC). This think tank group gathers various important persons from different sectors of culture enterprises, communications, information technologies industries, research or specialized in those domains, and of financial organizations for the culture sector.

GASIC is devoted to ensure a perfect representativeness of shifting industries, but also to gather and compare free analyses on independent expertise and studies in order that the Ministry of Culture and Communication may have pertinent and strategic enlightment in the field of culture and communications industries. In that respect, Minister de Vabres declares: "There was a time when the very term of culture industry was disgusting. Nowadays, we cannot keep up with the number of reports and studies that have followed each other to stress the growing importance of culture and communications industries within economy and employment, their principal function for mediation and access to culture works and achievements. Therefore the coherence and unity of each section of the culture industries are truly substantial, strong and lasting today".

For the Minister, GASIC brings together multiple fields of expertise necessary to face this shifting world represented by the culture industries in order to explain the diversity of culture and communications industries, of their related operators and practitioners, from production through distribution, for the book as well as the video game or the radio, of the new numerical access techniques. And it must be done in cooperation with specialists from finance, from common right regulation of competition and intellectual property, from culture or enterprise economy.

Minister de vabres underlines particularly that the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, adopted at the 33rd session of the General Conference last October 20, 2005 , also opens very broad perspectives : "As soon as it has been ratified by thirty States, and, as rapidly as possible, as wished for by the President of Republic, it will become necessary to survey all the opportunities it presents to support the culture industries, but also all the requirements shown for those industries to become the forerunners of the diversity. I am thinking particularly of the instruments allowing our action towards more balanced international exchanges".

To do so, notes the Minister, the scope of future thoughts and proposals of the GASIC is therefore very broad : "the tools for intervention, for support, the international and community regulations, the financing, the setting up of enterprises, cultural diversity, exports (…), the matter of employment and training since half of culture employment is dependent upon culture industries". This acknowledgement of the economic and social dimensions of culture industries in their diversity must lead to strengthening the vital strategic priority that the cultural activity, in its total diversity, means for France, added the Minister . Thus will be privileged perspectives of consideration, studies and opinions on transversal subjects such as:

  • questions relating to research in the field of culture industries, notably in matters of international standardization or research for information and emerging technologies;
  • economic proceedings on the financial building of culture production, the costs forces;
  • analyses on the "creativity" of culture industries, their structures, their integration into the lines of value;
  • the analysis of figures of cultural diversity, but also of analysis of life and management cycles (new talents, catalogues funds);
  • the influence of new technologies on the determination and the development strategies of culture industries;
  • the artistic education objectives linked to the culture industries productions and notably the image education.
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