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Québec - Placements Culture: "An instrument to increase private investments in culture and communications", 2005/11/22

"The Québec Government sets up new conditions to encourage the private sector towards a deeper involvement in financing culture and communications. Thanks to Placements Culture, eligible organisations will henceforth have a powerful lever to increase their part of private investments in those fields". Such was the statement made by the Quebec Minister of Culture and Communications, Mrs. Line Beauchamp, on at the launching of Placements Culture, last November 20. "Placements Culture presents new possibilities and new capacities to allow the organizations in the fields culture and communications to stabilize their financial situation and to gain access to a source of supplementary income. I am convinced that this program will contribute to changing the behaviour for individuals, enterprises and private foundations and in setting up conditions fostering the increase in financing through donation", continued Minister Beauchamp.

In this respect, Placements Culture will entitle the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), which becomes responsible for the management, to grant a counterpart subsidy to an eligible organization that collects donations and contributions from individuals, enterprises and private foundations in order to make up an endowment fund and a provision fund. The program, that widely draws its inspiration from expert advice within cultural agents, satisfies in part the financing needs of cultural organizations. Any non profit organization established and doing business in Québec becomes eligible if it meets each of the following conditions:

    • Be a charitable society or an artistic organization recognized under the income tax law;
    • Be eligible to the Ministry’s subsidies, the CALQ or the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC);
    • Cnstituted as an enterprise for at least two years.
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