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Québec – Ventures and challenges for the Disk, Show and Video Industry , 2006/04/13

According to the Québec Association for the Disk, Show and Video Industry (ADISQ), the music industry is reinventing itself at a frenzied pace, driven by an explosion of commercial, technological, cultural, and even socio-political forces. In fact, the increasing digitization of music’s entire production and distribution chain – from the original creation to the moment it reaches the music fan – opens the door to a growing number of business opportunities, which both traditional music industry players and a myriad of new endeavours are attempting to seize. After the shockwaves that marked the beginning of the millennium, these initiatives hint toward the possible establishment of new models and frameworks. But, stresses ADISQ: "It would be a huge mistake to limit the future of music to its technological transformations. This future is also defining itself through international debates on the protection of cultural expressions, not to mention surprising commercial initiatives in which music brings considerable added value – or others in which it is commodified for the success of comprehensive branding strategies".

In this context, ADISQ organizes at Montréal, from April 19 to 20, 2006, les Rencontres québécoises de l'industrie de la musique, which will allow all parties involved in this sector to find an update and share viewpoints on the challenges and numerous ventures that keep transforming the music industry: ruling framework, new technologies, new business models.

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