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The transition to a digital media age within a traditional media context: A New Era of Innovation - The 59th World Newspaper Congress, 2006/03/31

An immense wave of innovation continues to sweep through the global newspaper industry, bringing success in its wake for the companies that are seizing the new opportunities and embracing change. And as the internet matures, newspapers are increasingly diversifying and extending their digital services and products, with more and more profitable results. It is with these opportunities analysis in mind that the World Association of Newspapers organises the 59th World Newspaper Congress, 13th World Editors Forum and Info Services Expo in Moscow, Russia, from 4 to 7 June 2006, to update on these and other key developments in the industry, with the very latest data and information on global newspaper trends, examining new publications, new advertising and circulation strategies, new digital product development, and new business practices.

Under the theme: "A New Era of Innovation", The 2006 Congress, which will precede, by a few weeks, the first hosting by Russia of the G8 economic and political summit, will focus on the immense wave of innovation that continues to sweep through the global newspaper industry. It evolves around three round tables focused respectively on Digital Media, Freedom of the Press and Winners’ Strategies for the New Generation. A case study will deal specifically on the way the New York Times incorporates its contents to create new products and new sources of income.

The Editors Forum will focus on what newspapers can do to adapt to the changing habits of the "free generation". The conference will look at such topics as embracing citizen journalism, offering broadband services, developing weekend editions and supplements, protecting newspaper credibility, and much more.

Info Services Expo 2006 will showcase the new services and technologies that are shaping the newspaper of the future. The Expo offers newspaper executives a chance to learn about the latest products and services from suppliers to the industry

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