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ITU - Inauguration of the new website "Success stories in the ICT sector", 2006/03/31

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) inaugurated at its headquarters in Geneva on March 31, 2006 its new portal "Success stories in the ICT sector", by presenting a practical demonstration, within the after-World Summit on the Information Society proceedings (WSIS).

This Website will be used to exchange new ideas and experiences related to creative utilization of ICT in different cultural contexts in order to improve the situation within several fields: health, teaching, governance and level of income, while giving local populations the means of taking their own responsibilities and working in favor of peace, human values and freedoms. Users can thus consult the important database of ITU on success stories and experiences in this ICT sector, by theme, criteria, country or participant, in order to exchange ideas viewpoints and useful information.

According to its designers, the existence of this site should strengthen ongoing works intended to integrate ICT into development efforts.

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