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Canada - Cultural industries perform a pivotal role in distributing and promoting Canadian cultural products, 2004/05/28

According to a publication by Canada Council for the arts, Canada’s cultural industries – book and magazine publishing, film and video, sound recording, broadcasting and multimedia – perform a pivotal role in distributing and promoting Canadian cultural products at home and abroad. In this respect, many writers, actors and actresses, musicians and singers and multimedia artists require a domestic industry to produce, distribute and promote their imaginative creations.

Thus, the federal government has developed a broad range of policy instruments to support the cultural industries, including: financial incentives, content requirements, tax measures, foreign investment and ownership rules and intellectual property measures. These policies are designed to develop Canadian cultural content and to ensure that it is available to all Canadians without limiting their access to foreign cultural products.

Moreover, this publication underlines that with new technologies making cultural products and services available worldwide, many countries are now actively working to ensure that indigenous cultural and linguistic offerings are available within the context of global, mass culture – in part through a New International Instrument on Cultural Diversity, namely Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions adopted at the 33rd session of the General Conference last October 20, 2005, by the UNESCO Member States.

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