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Promote and protect cultural diversity in broadcast media around the world: the Broadcasting Regulation & Cultural Diversity Network (BRCD), 2006/01

On May 28 and 29, 2004, the “Global broadcasting, cultural diversity and regulation” dialogue, organized by The Catalonia Broadcasting Council (CAC), was held in connection with the Barcelona Universal Forum of Cultures 2004. At this event representatives from broadcasting regulatory authorities from around the world, together with organizations representing broadcasters, producers and experts, met to debate the possible role that broadcasting regulatory authorities could play in fostering cultural diversity in the activities of broadcasters and cultural industries on a global scale. The principal finding of the event was the need to create a means of permanent participation among broadcasting regulators in order to lead the challenge facing cultural diversity. To this aim, the dialogue ended with the promise made by CAC to create a permanent network for the exchange of information and experiences, with a global reach, with its headquarters in Barcelona. This network is the Broadcasting Regulation & Cultural Diversity (BRCD.

This network has become a reality today: the BRCD Network, recently created is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Over the time, such exchanges will aid the creation of tools to analyse and improve the presence of cultural diversity in the media. Then, the aim of the BRCD is to foster cultural diversity in broadcast media and in the audiovisual sector in general. The BRCD is intended for regulatory authorities, experts and organizations from around the world that act in the areas of cultural diversity and media.

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