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Morocco – The SCAC Regulates the Measure of Audiovisual Media, 2006/02/20

The Morocco Superior Council of Audiovisual Communication (SCAC) ruled, last February 15, on the legal and technical norms that should be applied to the measure of audiovisual media. This decision draws again the norms to be followed by the experts of the audiovisual sector for setting up operational structures, procedures and mechanisms leading to an objective, rigorous and reliable audience measure, adapted to the needs and possibilities of the Moroccan market. Among others, it fulfills the requirement of having at hand rational instruments allowing the objective evaluation of the development level of the audiovisual sector by evaluating the concordance of public and private audiovisual operators, with aspirations and needs of Moroccan auditors and television viewers. This decision also meets the necessity of fostering the economic development of the audiovisual sector by making available to the concerned experts the mechanisms required for the organization of the publicity market and for the safeguard of transparency of business practices in this market.

In order to allow the market, and notably the professionals of this sector, to reach a true picture of the state of exposure of the Moroccan public to audiovisual media, the CSCA has set the limits of the area of radio and television services submitted to the measure of audience, by integrating the television services broadcasted by Moroccan as well as by foreign operators, having a significant rate of audience within the Moroccan public.

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