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UNESCO/Kinshasa – Cultural industries: creation of a panafrican cooperation – Brazzaville forum on South-South cooperation, 2006/02/27

A forum on strategies to be developed in culture industries was held last February 23 and 24 in the Congo Republic. Organized by the UNESCO office in Kinshasa, in the Congo Democratic Republic, within the framework of the UNESCO Global alliance for cultural diversity, in cooperation with the Danish Agency for culture and development (DACD) and the participation of the Instituto Angolano de Cinema Audiovisual e Multimedia d'Angola, the forum intends to bring together African centres of excellence in the field of cultural industries in order to create panafrican cultural networks that can contribute significantly to the economic and social development of the region.

This Brazzaville forum on South-South cooperation thus allowed twenty or so African cultural and industrial experts to share their experiences and know-how. Within the framework of two workshops respectively on the theme "Developing creative industries economically sound in Africa" and the NICT within which subjects such as: "Creating virtual communities: a forum for sustainable exchange", "Transnational Communication" and "1+1= 3: Generating a proactive leadership and overcoming local discords" », were studied among other subjects.

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