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OIF – Centres de lecture et d'animation culturelle and the development of public reading, 1986-2006

Centres de lecture et d'animation culturelle – Clac (Centers for reading and cultural activities) offer areas of culture and conviviality (books and media libraries) but also of training and support to community development (local economy, health and hygiene, etc.) and to providing education. Their success has made them a genuine model, with a proven concept, methodology and know-how, that la Francophonie (OIF) sets at the disposal of the States wishing to create a national policy of public reading.

La Francophonie assists the States in setting up those networks throughout their territories. From a simple partner, la Francophonie thus becomes an agent for the total appropriation of the Clac program by the very States. It has contributed this way, since 1986, to implementing 213 Clac in 18 countries in Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and the Near East.

In 2004, in the two countries (Mauritania and Burkina Faso) where this formula had already been experimented, the States’ decision to invest in setting up a structured national public reading network rested mainly on the Clac network. This process is henceforth under way in the recipient countries as a whole.

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