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European Union – Trends in the European audiovisual industry

In its Bulletin no. 14 (CapsulesMonde), the LEPPM (Laboratoire d’étude sur les politiques publiques et la mondialisation) at Quebec’s ÉNAP (École nationale d’administration publique) looks at the European Audiovisual ObservatoryYearbook 2006– Film, Television and Video in Europe. The Yearbook 2006 is composed of three volumes to be published between now and January 2007 . The Yearbook 2006 is dedicated to the three main branches of the audiovisual sector (film/cinema, television, and video) and provides a precise and comprehensive picture of the status of the European audiovisual markets and industry in 36 European States. It contains an overview of the television market in each European country, as well as many indicators for evaluating the financial status, market share, and sales of the major production companies. An analysis of the latest trends in European television describes the transition towards digital. Data gathered by the European Audiovisual Observatoryreveals the impressive dynamism of digital television as witnessed by the large number of digital services in operation.

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