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Book public policy in Senegal , Gambia , and Guinea - 2006/10/4-5

Launched by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Dakar , this project aims to support the introduction of a book-friendly administrative and legal environment in Gambia , Guinea , and Senegal , focusing on books in national languages. Ultimately, the objective is to make the publishing industry of the three countries a model of integration and national production in local languages for the subregion and for many other developing countries. After an analysis of the book industry in these countries managed by an interdisciplinary team, an assessment was shared at an integrated subregional level in December 2005. This assessment has laid the foundations for further plans to establish a Book Law in Senegal and to raise awareness among parliamentarians and political decision makers in the entire subregion.

This was the backdrop for a political seminar on book legislation in Dakar on October 4 and 5, 2006, for experts from Latin America and Africa . This event, which brought together some 20 Senegalese parliamentarians and politicians, as well as two observers from Mali and Guinea and a Colombian expert from the Regional Center for Book Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina y el Caribe, CERLALC), dealt with such subjects as the protection of copyright and problems relating to piracy of original literary works and editorial output; identification systems (ISBN and ISSN) and copyright registration; and presentation on the draft bill of legislation concerning books in Senegal: background, procedures, content.

This seminar, with a focus on South-South cooperation, was organized in collaboration with the UNESCO Dakar Office and the Book and Reading Division of the Senegalese Ministry of Culture and is funded by the Spanish Agency for International Co-operation.

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