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Diversity of cultural and artistic expressions , and Globalizations - 2006/08/08

The network formerly known as " Cultures, Identités et Dynamiques Sociales " (CIDS) at Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) is now the Diversité des expressions culturelles et artistiques, et mondialisations network following its reorganization as mandated in a new charter adopted in 2006. This new orientation was inspired by the realization that globalization opens up a dynamic zone that encourages the multiplicity of cultural expressions and resistance to the standardization of thought and ways of life. To come to grips with these concerns, the Francophonie has taken on cultural and linguistic diversity as one of its fundamental missions, to be understood as a multifaceted constellation of programs and research directed toward the collective edification of the contemporary world, demanding the shared contribution of knowledge, wisdom, and creative practices.

To this end, the new network seeks to unearth new areas of research, notably on such subjects as the place and transformation of cultural and artistic expression, globalizations, and the multiplicity of social dynamics, postcolonial research, and contemporary critiques of the notion of culture. This network, which brings together 21 AUF researcher networks, maintains an website where visitors can consult directories of researchers as well as the subjects of research underway and the network's activities, or even locate a researcher and become a network member.

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