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Laudable development initiative by Québec City film and television industry – 2006/10/13

On October 21, the Québec City Film and TV Commission (CCTQ) organized a film and television event geared towards the industry’s future in the Québec capital. This day of activities was aimed at promoting the talents and potential of local firms whose considerable expertise can contribute to the development of this specific sector of activity. Through the event, the CCQT sought to promote and spotlight production professionals in Québec City and the extent of regional expertise by drawing attention to the know-how and talent of local players in cultural, TV, and film production.

According to the organizers, the event—which every TV station in Quebec City participated in—was a great opportunity to turn the spotlight on those who do production work in Québec City. The public was invited to open houses, an exhibit, production workshops, and autograph sessions with actors at Musée de la civilization. Participants discovered the many aspects of TV and film production, including industry trades such as camera operators, sound technicians, lighting technicians, makeup artists, and costume designers, whose expertise holds the key to the future of cinema in Québec City and to producing more programming there. The organizers claim that to increase the performance of this industry in Québec City, industry players will have to gain the acceptance of the business community.

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