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Boosting the Diversity of European TV and On-Demand Services: European Commission paves the way for the new “Audiovisual without Frontiers” directive— 2007/03/09

On March 9, 2007, the European Commission unveiled the updated text of the modernized “Television without Frontiers” directive. According to the press release issued on the occasion, the new rules are “a response to technological developments and create a new level-playing field in Europe for emerging audiovisual media services (video on demand, mobile TV, audiovisual services on digital TV).” The press release adds that the new directive reaffirms the pillars of Europe's audiovisual model, i.e., cultural diversity, the protection of minors, consumer protection, media pluralism, and the fight against racial and religious hatred. The Commission also proposes to ensure the independence of national media regulators. The updated text of the new directive will now go to a second reading in the European Parliament and Council. The text of this new directive is available (as a working document) online. You can also consult the online media kit for more on the modernization of the “Television without Frontiers” directive.


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