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Cultural Provision, Access, and Participation—a study under preparation

The Council of Europe website announces that “A concern with cultural rights in policies, programs, and measures is one of the responses of the Council of Europe to the challenges of cultural diversity for social cohesion.” “A special focus on cultural governance is that for participation and access [sic],” it continues.

The announcement goes on to explain that this is why the Council of Europe is currently preparing a study for governments that provides policy examples, guidelines, indicators, and good practices with regard to cultural provision and participation in—and access to—culture. In particular, the work shall provide

  • A definition of key terms
  • An overview of cultural rights in existing policies at different levels (international, national, local), as well as in legislative processes
  • A presentation of specific themes covering topical concepts and vulnerable groups
  • A collection of case studies exemplifying good practices from different European countries
  • A set of indicators of participation in cultural life for national, regional, and local governments, as well as proposals on a follow-up system
  • An overview of trends in Europe as regards cultural provision, access, and participation
  • A set of ideas and recommendations for action, follow-up, and design of participatory policies

The study is currently in preparation and will be published as a guide book in 2008, the Council concludes.


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