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Learn French with TV5MONDE

The TV5MONDE website features a new multimedia educational, instructional, and entertainment section called Apprendre le français including two subheadings: Apprendre.TV and Enseigner.TV.

Apprendre.TV is an interactive feature designed for kids, students, and adults. With 8 groups of exercises, Apprendre.TV helps Web surfers understand short television reports, test and improve their grammar, and learn new vocabulary. The exercises cover the themes of news, art, crafts, cuisine and gastronomy, discovering the world, and cultural habits. Apprendre.TV provides complementary tools like a multipurpose dictionary and translation software, an interactive language column by linguist Bernard Cerquiglini entitled “Merci professeur,” and quizzes and games to help users enrich their vocabulary and review grammar points.

Enseigner.TV is aimed at teachers and tutors of French as a foreign language. The site offers a wide variety of activity ideas and themes to help users prepare, learn, and be creative in promoting concrete, living, and timely immersion. The “J’enseigne avec la télévision” section offers ideas for using the channel’s programs and site contents (like news and songs) in the classroom. The “J’enseigne avec” section gives teachers and tutors access to educational forums on the site as well as activities through online videos.

To access these tools that promote the richness and diversity of francophone cultures, we invite you to visit the TV5MONDE website and click on the Apprendre.TV and Enseigner.TV headings.

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