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Call for proposals: Fonds d'appui à la presse francophone du Sud

The OIF (International Organization of La Francophonie) has announced that the first call for proposals in 2007 by the Fonds d’appui à la presse francophone du Sud is currently underway.

Since 1998, the OIF has implemented a support program for the development of French-language newspapers in southern hemisphere countries. As part of this program, a fund was created to support French-language newspaper plants in the southern hemisphere. According to the OIF, the fund is intended to support newspaper plants headquartered in OIF member countries in the southern hemisphere wishing to improve their editorial policy, management, and/or technical development. The OIF states that the funds will help finance networking efforts among French-language newspapers, training activities, and any other initiatives that meet specific plant requirements. Among other things, the Fonds d’appui aux entreprises de la presse francophone du Sud seeks to encourage the development of pluralist, high-quality newspapers in southern hemisphere countries.

The fund is founded on a biannual call for proposals. The OIF indicates that projects that are at least 30% funded by the plant are eligible. Proposals must be submitted by newspaper plants located in southern hemisphere countries no later than the deadline for each call (September 30, 2007, for this first call).

Click here for required application information and documentation.


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