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CulturesFrance – 2007/03/26

In May 2006, France created CulturesFrance, a new agency promoting French culture around the world. An article in the fourth quarter 2006 issue of Label France explains that the agency will focus on France’s extensive cultural network abroad, which includes 150 cultural centers and 220 branches of Alliance française. CulturesFrance is the result of the merger of Association française d'action artistique (AFAA), which was created a little over 80 years ago as a means of spurring cultural exchange initiatives, and Association pour la diffusion de la pensée française (ADPF), which was founded in 1945 to promote the French language and francophone cultures through the publication and distribution of works. According to the article in Label France, “As the heir of these two prestigious institutions, CulturesFrance will be active in a very broad range of fields, including the performing arts, film history, publishing, the visual arts, architecture, and cultural engineering.” To find out more, visit the CulturesFrance website.


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