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The “IMAGE” program: new means and new requirements for quality film and television production

OIF (International Organization of the Francophonie) has announced that the Fonds francophone de production audiovisuelle du Sud, a fund supporting audiovisual production in the developing countries, “adapts its methods to the requirements brought about by rapid and profound changes in the sector in order to maintain the quality of service provided to film and television production in developing countries.” Created in 1988, the fund is a multilateral francophone funding apparatus placed under the joint responsibility of OIF and the International Council of French-Speaking Radio and Television (CIRTEF).

The announcement said that the 2008 budget for the fund would be 2.2 million euros, divided equally between film and television.

OIF explained that project eligibility criteria would be tightened, with a focus on quality and viability. According to the press release, OIF wishes to turn the fund into more than just a source of financing by making it a production assistant, promotional, and distribution tool in order to help projects reach a wider public.”

The press release also announces that the project selection committee will be divided into two parts, one for film and one for television. Each will be composed of six industry professionals—with one or two representatives from the television side sitting on the film selection committee and vice versa—as well as permanent members from OIF and CIRTEF.

The press release further states that the objectives of the OIF's "Image" program is, now more than ever, to:

  • Foster the access of developing country audiovisual productions to broadcast, distribution, and development networks
  • Improve the quality of national television programming in the South, increase the proportion nationally or regionally produced programs, and reinforce the cultural role of these programs
  • Promote collaboration among francophone audiovisual artists and producers through coproductions and/or technical partnerships
  • Mutualize existing tools with the help of committed partners in order to better monitor viable projects that are selected

The OIF announced that two rounds of selection will now be held annually. In 2008, they will be held on the following dates:

  • The first 2008 round will be held during the first two weeks of June. The deadline for submitting projects is January 31, 2008.
  • The second 2008 session will be held during the first two weeks of November. The deadline for submitting projects is July 31, 2008.


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