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Steps to revitalize French cinema

On May 20 as part of the Cannes International Film Festival, during a presentation by France’s Centre national de la cinématographie, French Minister of Culture and Communications Christine Albanel examined the current state of the French film industry. After describing its recent performance, she presented measures aimed at its revitalization.

The first measure presented by Minister Albanel was an anti-piracy law. According to a press release, a “Création et internet” bill will be submitted to France’s council of ministers in June. The press release indicates that the bill “(…) will create the indispensable legal framework for developing a way to make films widely available over the Internet in a manner that respects copyright law and attracts audiences.” After review by France’s Conseil d’État, the bill will be submitted to the country’s council of ministers in the first half of June, followed by a first reading by the Senate.

According to the press release, “This is a question of striking a balance between two sets of fundamental rights—property rights and the moral rights of artists on one hand and the right to privacy of web surfers on the other.”

Another new measure addressed changes to systems in support of cinema. The press release indicates that Minister Albanel has tasked Véronique Cayla, Director General of France’s Centre national de la cinématographie, with “establishing a broader dialogue with all film industry professionals.” France’s Minister of Culture and Communication indicated that this new direction rests on two documents—one from the “Club of 13” which “calls for reforms to the systems supporting the seventh art,” and another by Anne Perrot and Jean-Pierre Leclerc entitled “Cinéma et concurrence,” which deals with film releases, fee policies affecting operators, and relations between multiplexes and local theaters.

According to the news release, the priorities are “bolstering support for producers and writers, supporting independent companies in order to promote diversity and creative standards, and avoiding the bipolarisation of production, which poses a threat to the diversity and quality of our film industry.”

Minister Albanel also announced other measures to come. First, Albanel declared that she hoped to “(…) help promote the introduction of film into the digital realm, encourage the international expansion of our film industry through more effective support for exports, recapture the public’s attention, and attract young people through better training in cinema within schools.” She concluded by announcing changes to the cinema code and the modernization of the CNC, which now enjoys greater financial autonomy and better adapted branches of government.

The press release indicates that these measure and reforms require legal changes that will be brought together in a bill regarding the film industry.


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