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33 recommendations for increasing French participation in international artistic dialogue

According to a joint press release by France’s Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Communications, and Culturesfrance dated October 17, 2008, “starting with the observation that the plastic arts in France are vibrant and of high quality, yet lack visibility both at home and abroad,” French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Bernard Kouchner and Minister of Culture and Communications Christine Albanel “wished to implement a joint action plan aimed at increasing the participation of French artists in international dialogue.”

The press release reports that to reach its objectives, Culturesfrance held a series of workshops to create a plan of action.

These workshops led by Henri Jobbé-Duval (the director of Art Paris) brought together public sector experts (art school and institution directors, residence program directors, commissioners), and private sector experts (gallery directors, collectors, international trade fair directors, artists) as well as representatives from government and Culturesfrance.

The press release reports that the workshops gave rise to 33 recommendations in three main categories:

  • “Show. Provide better exposure for French artists (increase the visibility of French art in France and abroad by planning international exposure from the very beginning of the project. Create a permanent exhibition place for established artists, develop a major historical exhibition on contemporary French art coproduced with foreign countries as well as an online database to support institutions operating abroad.
  • “Exchange. Be better prepared for and carry out better exchanges (develop international exchanges with respect to art schools, residences, research, and teams of exhibition commissioners. Make it easier for foreign artists and professionals to enter and spend time in France.
  • “Export. Improve support for French artists abroad (increase the number of joint broadcasting operations between two countries. Improve procedures for promoting and loaning works. Identify a reliable indicator of the presence of French artists abroad.”

According to the press release, these recommendations have just been submitted to the two concerned ministers, “who have received them with great interest and have asked their respective departments to work jointly on them.”

The report is available by request and on the ministry and Culturesfrance websites.


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