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Culture in motion: a snapshot of the projects funded by EU’s Culture Program

The European Commission website has announced the publication of a brochure entitled Culture in Motion, which presents a snapshot of the projects funded by the EU’s Culture Program. The program has a budget of 400 million euros for the 2007-2013 period. It will enable hundreds of cultural operators and many thousands of individuals to take part in trans-national cultural cooperation projects, and to reach people throughout Europe.

The preface to the brochure notes that it provides  “examples of projects promoting the mobility of artists and their works, increasing access to our common cultural heritage, promoting the creativity of young people through innovative cultural education initiatives, and developing the capacities of cultural professionals.” The brochure also describes initiatives promoting intercultural dialogue and a number of projects illustrating creativity and innovation, which is the theme of the 2009 European Year.

The brochure is available in French, English, and German on the European Commission website


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