Cultural diversity

Cultural policies and measures - Best practices an innovative communication and information tool made available to cultural operators in Southern countries

The Global Alliance invites its members to visit, an innovative communications and information tool for cultural operators in the South. 

Developed by Africultures, a Global Alliance member, this cultural diversity portal covers 80 countries to date. Available in English, French, and Portuguese, it will soon be translated into Spanish and Arabic so that it can become an international reference database on creators and cultural creations of the South.

According to the site, as a gateway to the second and more interactive generation of the Internet, the Global Alliance, is designed to mobilize all actors in the culture sector in order to provide a panoramic view of cultures in the South and create an effective search engine in this domain. offers three types of content: an interactive database of cultural creations in the South listing more than 10,000 artists and 12,000 events, a calendar of festivals, exhibitions and major cultural events including more than 600 international festivals in the South to date, and an original editorial presentation with nearly 150 articles by authors from the South or writing about countries in the South.

For more information on this portal, please visit and Global Alliance.


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