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EVE, a new tool that facilitates the dissemination and sharing of best practices

The European Commission presents EVE, the electronic platform for the dissemination and exploitation of results of projects supported by programs implemented by the Education and Culture Directorate-General (DG).

EVE is a new tool available as of March 2009 for participants in the "Lifelong Learning," "Culture," "Youth in Action," and "Citizenship" programs, to ensure visibility on the European Union website. EVE will acquire information as the projects develop and results are entered by the project coordinators.

“EVE is not only a tool for the future: from its inception, projects funded in the past have been introduced in the platform. Thus, EVE already contains hundreds of projects funded under the 2000–2006 Education and Culture (…),” the European Commission announced. “As the projects progress and project coordinators enter information in the system, the information available on EVE will continue to grow.”

The Commission website lists the following advantages of using EVE:

  • It is a promotional tool for project coordinators and the Education and Culture DG
  • It provides a single access point to results with plenty of useful information about projects funded by all the different programs
  • It provides multiple benefits for project promoters and their results: better visibility for projects, enhanced exploitation and improved dissemination of results, a rich source of information, a tool for improved networking

To see all of the information on this tool for sharing best practices, please visit the European Commission website.


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