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A 12-stop tour of France and Europe to invigorate the dialogue on cultural policies

The 20th anniversary of the Observatory of Cultural Policy is an opportunity to examine changes in local culture and cultural policy. As part of the event, the Observatory will hold a series of meetings with a number of partners across France and Europe on the theme “Vers un nouveau contrat pour les politiques culturelles territoriales?” (Towards a new contract for territorial cultural policies). These meetings will bring together geographic territorial communities, government services, European and global networks, cultural agents, professional organizations, universities and research laboratories, and federations of elected officials.

According to the Observatory website, “In many ways, culture is playing an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives. Artistic and cultural practices are undergoing marked change. Art is constantly breaking new ground thanks to new disciplines and new visual forms. Cultural and artistic activities now hold a fundamental place in economic and social life in terms of wealth and job creation. Culture is expanding the horizons of geographic territories and the people who inhabit them, building bridges between communities, Europe, and the world.

How do these phenomena affect sustainable cultural development? How do they encourage individual development, cohabitation, cultural diversity, and intercultural dialogue? What are the current issues surrounding increased accessibility to art and culture? How should the challenges of cultural change be faced? What are the rules for redefining cultural policies of states and geographic territorial communities? What are the responsibilities of cultural agents and civil society in this debate? On what basis can we foresee the next step in the decentralization of cultural business in France?”

In order to invigorate the dialogue on cultural policies and provide answers to these questions, a 12-stop tour of France and Europe (Grenoble, Vilnius, Barcelona, Avignon, Annecy, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Caen, Rennes, Brussels, and Pantin/Paris) will take place from May to December, 2009.
For more information on the content of this event, please visit the Observatory of Cultural Policy website.


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