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Cinemas for Africa: Launch of a fundraising campaign to reopen movie theaters in Africa

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, Association Des Cinémas pour l’Afrique launched a fundraising campaign targeting public and private donors and symbolically offered movie theater seats for sale at a fixed price.

On the occasion of this launch, festival president Gilles Jacob and Cinémas du Monde Pavilion sponsor Juliette Binoche demonstrated their support for this initiative by publicly offering their financial contributions to Association Des Cinémas pour l'Afrique. France’s Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Culturesfrance, Europa Cinéma, CNC, and Arte also confirmed their support.

The association’s goal is to reopen movie theaters in Africa. Various African and European companies and institutions have showed interest in the project.

Culturesfrance reports on its website that “while theaters are a prerequisite for presenting African cinema in order to create a market, they are closing one after the other despite audiences that demonstrate increasingly keen interest in images. It appears that collective TV viewing, sales of street-peddled videos, and video club offers are steadily increasing.

“[…] Given the profitability problems of conventional movie theaters, Association Des Cinémas pour l’Afrique is counting on the benefits of new digital technology, which helps considerably reduce operating costs and makes possible the development of new cultural links dedicated not only to cinema, but also videos, images, and artistic creation. The Soudan Ciné à Bamako pilot project is set to be launched.”


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