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The European Commission and the Government of Mexico launch policy dialogue on education and culture

The European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, Ján Figel', recently signed two joint declarations between the European Commission and the Government of Mexico on education and culture, in the presence of the Mexican Ambassador to the EU, H.E. Sandra Fuentes-Berain. With these declarations, the European Commission and the Government of Mexico seek to strengthen their cooperation through a policy dialogue on key education and cultural issues.

In its press release, the European Commission states that these joint declarations officially mark the opening of a policy dialogue between the European Commission and the United States of Mexico, noting that “in the area of culture, a first pilot phase (2008–2010) of a bilateral cultural cooperation instrument, the Cultural Fund EU-Mexico, with a budget of €1.0 million, began in December 2007 in the framework of the Country Strategy Paper 2007–2013 for Mexico. It was the first time that the focus on cultural cooperation was so visibly placed on our bilateral relations with Mexico, prior to the establishment of the sectoral dialogue on cultural policy. This pilot phase opens a new space of beneficial cultural exchanges for organizations based in the European Union, as well as for Mexican cultural organizations. A second phase of this program (2009–2013) is expected to be signed in 2009, with a total budget of €6.8 million, to which the EU and the Government of Mexico will contribute equally. It is expected that in 2010, this Fund will be used to support some of the activities commemorating the bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence as well as the centennial of the Mexican Revolution.”

These texts and declarations are available on the European Commission website.


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