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The Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces publishes a Guide to Evaluating Local Cultural Policies

The latest edition of the Culture 21 newsletter announces the publication of The Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP)—a Guide to Evaluating Local Cultural Policies.

“The Guide has been conceived to assess and improve the policies on culture of Spanish municipalities. It contains a wide theoretical reflection and includes a system of quantitative and qualitative indicators, 316 in total. It’s a practical guide with tools for the elaboration and self-evaluation of local cultural policies. The Guide focuses on the following issues:

  • Culture and economic, social, and territorial development
  • Cultural policies: cross-cutting initiatives within governments
  • Access to culture and participation of citizens in cultural activities
  • Policies on memory and heritage
  • Innovation and construction of local identity

The edition of the Guide has been managed by Eduard Miralles, Cultural Relations Adviser for Barcelona Provincial Council, and coordinated by Juana Escudero, Head of the Committee on culture of the FEMP. This pioneering experience has been carried out with the support of the Spanish Ministry for Culture.”

For more information or to consult the Guide, visit the Organization of Ibero-American States website (Spanish and Portuguese ).


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