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Evaluating Cultural Policies—A symposium addressing the new cultural policy issues of the 21st century

Observatoire des politiques culturelles has posted a reminder that a symposium will be held in Annecy (France) on September 24, on the theme Quelle évaluation dans les politiques culturelles? (Evaluating Cultural Policies). The symposium is organized by the metropolitan community of Annecy, the departmental government of Haute-Savoie, the Rhône-Alpes regional cultural affairs branch (DRAC), the departmental cultural activities bureau, and Observatoire des politiques culturelles.

“Since the early 1990s, evaluation has gradually become a sine qua non in all spheres of public intervention due to the combined pressure of shrinking financial resources and a new interest in the consequences and effects of public policies. This evaluation requirement is a corollary of the modernization of the state (LOLF), the reform of territorial policy management and governance methods, and the establishment of European policies. From their inception, European structural and interministerial policies, as well as partnership policies developed as part of decentralization efforts, now take into account the need for measuring the impact of decisions, as well as their consistency, effectiveness, and efficiency.

The symposium in Annecy will discuss various themes, using case studies and analysis to explore ways of responding to these new 21st century cultural policy issues.”


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