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Start of the second edition of the Artists Residency in Mexico Program for artists from Latin America and Haiti

The Mexican National Council for Culture and the Arts, CONACULTA, has announced that for 16 weeks, 40 artists from 19 Latin American countries will undertake an artists’ residency in Mexico. This residency program aims to develop multidisciplinary cultural exchanges by fostering the creation of artistic networks in the Latin American community. It also aims to bring together artists from various countries and cultural expressions in a single creative space.

“This meeting place is the only one of its kind on this continent in that it brings together in one place artists of different cultural expressions and backgrounds. The artists’ residency will culminate in the Second Latin American Art Exhibition, where artists will present to the public the projects they have created in Mexico. This will provide a broad sampling of the modern art evolving in Latin America and will be a tangible record of the 40 artists’ stay,” noted CONACULTA.

Through this program, the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) helps strengthen artistic, cultural, and social ties between Latin American countries through art, and pursues its efforts to support the development of national and international arts projects. For more information on this artists’ residency, visit the CONACULTA website.


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