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UNESCO supports the First East African Independent Producers Forum

The first East African Independent Producers Forum was held in mid-August in Nairobi, Kenya. It brought together participants from eight countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda to discuss and make recommendations on the setting up of an East African Independent Producers Organization.

According to the UNESCO website, the following themes and topics, reflecting the key vision, mission and objectives of the Forum, were addressed through various moderated discussions and presentations:

  • Theoretical and political implications, modalities, expected results and working methods towards an East African Independent Producers Organization and an East African Convention on Cinematic Collaboration
  • Historical challenges of independent production in Africa
  • Role of government in the development of the audiovisual media sector and assessment of necessary regional instruments
  • Towards a common vision and common voice: how to facilitate unity among East African independent producers
  • Role of broadcasters in the development of the East African audiovisual media sector, with a special focus on national and public service broadcasters

The three-day Forum was supported by UNESCO within the framework of its Audiovisual E-Platform and took place during the Lola Kenya Screen Festival 2009.

“Lola Kenya Screen is an annual international audiovisual media movement that seeks to place production tools in the hands of children and youth for the advancement of literacy, gender equity, self expression and democracy. Lola Kenya Screen comprises a production workshop, film exhibition and audiovisual media platform for marketing, promoting and distributing films.”

“The UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform is a project started by UNESCO in 2004, in partnership with the Government of Spain, with the overall aim to support international exchange of audiovisual content relating to development issues and to promote audiovisual production as a tool for cultural expression. The Platform also facilitates business-to-business exchanges among professionals in the audiovisual field such as directors, producers, film festival organizers, independent producers of content and broadcasters.”


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