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Symposium: “Pratiques et enjeux de la mobilité artistique: du local à l'international”

Observatoire des politiques culturelles has posted a notice that a symposium on “Pratiques et enjeux de la mobilité artistique: du local à l'international,” (Local and international practices and issues related to artistic mobility) will be held in Bordeaux (France) on October 22.

“Artistic mobility has a number of objectives: to make shows viable, to bring works to various audiences, to make this interaction a source of enrichment for the artists and their entourages, and to encourage networking. How do we disseminate works and promote touring by artists across or outside their home territories? What does artistic mobility mean at the local, regional, interregional, national, and international levels?” These are the questions presented on this event’s website.

For more information, visit the event website.


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