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Agenda 21 for Culture: 2010 call for proposals

The United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) World Secretariat has announced the publication of a call for proposals launched as part of the Agenda 21 for Culture. It is open to Africa, Ibero-America, and the Mediterranean, for cities and local governments that are direct or indirect members of UCLG. The UCLG Committee on Culture’s flier notes that

“The involvement in the project by a nonprofit organization or an educational institution in the city or country concerned is highly recommended, and it will be an advantage.
The projects would be based on the Agenda 21 for Culture, which is the UCLG’s reference document for local cultural policies. The Agenda 21 for Culture is the first document that links culture with sustainable development, diversity, interculturalism, and local governance.

The projects will come under at least one of these goals:
Goal 1: Local cultural governance. Improving municipal capacities on local cultural policies and governance.
Goal 2: Education, training, and capacity building. Enhancing competencies for municipal cultural management and international cultural cooperation.
Goal 3: International cultural cooperation projects in the arts and heritage.
Deadline for projects to be submitted is June 22, 2010. 

The call is run by Barcelona City Council in partnership with UCLG’s Committee on Culture and UCLG’s World Secretariat, and is economically supported by the Spanish Development Cooperation Agency, AECID.”


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