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OIF call for projects to support the circulation of the performing arts

The International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) supports the circulation of professional artists and their performances (music, theater, and dance) through international tours and festivals.

“A vital part of enabling contemporary artists from the south and central and eastern Europe who belong to the La Francophonie to cross borders, break into international programming, and become more professional.” So says OIF, which goes on to state elsewhere that “particular attention is paid to multiplying, unifying projects that contribute to the development of artists at home and abroad.”

“Through Fonds d’aide à la circulation des artistes, a fund set up to support the circulation of artists, every year OIF pays transportation costs to enable shows and productions from French-speaking countries in the south and central and eastern Europe to find a place at leading international cultural events. On average, every year such shows play at some sixty festivals, and thirty-odd tours receive grants. The program’s impact is bolstered by the support given to decision-makers in the music industry to ensure their presence and promote their products at major international meetings of professionals.”

OIF launches two calls for projects along with registration forms and terms each year. The next batch of projects will be considered on September 13, 2010. Applications must be made at least four months before the start of the festival or tour.


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