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Colombia will host the 3rd Ibero-American Congress of Culture in early July

From July 1 to 4, the 3rd Ibero-American Congress of Culture will turn Medellín, Colombia, into a huge jukebox. Some 250 music experts from 23 countries will come together for this cultural gathering set to the theme of “The Music of Iberian America in the 21st century.”

“The cultural market will attract over 120 cultural entrepreneurs from the world over, each eager to find out more about Ibero-American projects to include them on the lineup for festivals, artistic circuits, specialized concert halls, theaters, and fairs.

It will be the third edition of the congress. The first was held in Mexico City in 2008 on the theme of cinema; the second last year in São Paulo on culture and social change. This year’s edition is devoted to music.

Medellín will host “A tres bandas” an exhibition at the Museum of Antioquia on local music diversity, also as part of the 3rd Ibero-American Congress of Culture.

The congress website, which is supported by the City of Medellín, is a gold mine of information on the congress, its activities, participants, government cultural policies, concerts, debates, and the cultural market,” according to the event website.


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