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The Canadian expertise of Wapikoni Mobile, the Montreal First Peoples Festival, and IsumaTV regarding diversity of cultural expressions is internationally recognized

Manon Barbeau, Executive Director of Wapikoni Mobile, Andre Dudemaine, Director of the Montreal First Peoples Festival, and Gabriela Gamez, IsumaTV, the multimedia network for aboriginal filmmakers, will participate in an international conference on alternative means of distribution for indigenous peoples' audiovisual production, running August 11-13 in San Bernardino, Paraguay.

"In addition to the three Canadian experts, representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, France, the United States, and Cuba will develop a strategy to raise the awareness of opinion leaders of the importance of including indigenous and community audiovisual expression in national public debates on the diversity of cultural expressions," states the Coalition for Cultural Diversity website.

This international meeting contributes to the implementation of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, ratified by Canada and 111 other countries and the European Union, aimed at counterbalancing trade agreements," remarked Charles Vallerand, General Secretary of the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD). "Manon Barbeau, André Dudemaine and Gabriela Gamez are well placed to advance the debate on the space given to expression of indigenous cultures, which is so important in the Americas". The conference was organized by the Paraguayan Coalition for Cultural Diversity, an IFCCD member, with the support of UNESCO.

Wapikoni mobile supports audiovisual work by aboriginal youth in Canada.


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