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Observatoire de la culture et des communications du Québec (OCCQ) will soon be hosting international speaker Frédéric Martel at a forum addressing cultural diversity in the digital age. Earlier this year, writer and journalist Martel published "Mainstream : Enquête sur cette culture qui plaît à tout le monde."

OCCQ will be hosting the forum in Montréal, Québec (Canada) on October 25. 

"Positioning cultural products in both domestic and international markets has long been an issue of concern. The arrival of digital technology has made this issue all the more relevant, because it has resulted in a more open market, an increase in the number and variety of niches, and new business models of cultural goods and services. These changes raise a number of issues, including :

How can we address the issue of the diversity of cultural expression in a context where citizens have increasingly varied and constantly evolving cultural practices?

Is there hope that in terms of rights, this new digital El Dorado can be fair to creators, rights holders, and other stakeholders in the cultural economy?

Is it possible to analyze the new business models, especially those adopted by the major players, to predict developments in production, broadcasting, and consumption with regards to cultural goods and services?"

For information on how to register for this event, visit the OCCQ website.

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