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Over 450 African films made available to the continent's TV stations

The September 12 edition of OPCA News states that M-Net's "African Film Library" has acquired the rights to 450 African films in order to create a video on demand service.

"For a number of years, M-Net Electronic Media Network, a private South African TV operator, has been slowly acquiring (at US$30–40 thousand each) 25 year broadcast rights to over 450 African films, including some of the most famous, in all African languages, and on new media. Having thereby become a distributor, M-Net has contacted nearly every station on the continent to offer the rights to broadcast these films at the cost of US$1,000 each, including subtitles in English, French, and Arabic. Stations in Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, and the Seychelles now feature African films in the evening," states OPCA News.


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